Academic Support

The Urshan Student Success Center offers many academic support services and resources to assist you in achieving your academic goals. 

  • Academic Advising

Academic advising is a dynamic relationship between advisor and student to support the student’s educational success. Advisors provide guidance on course selection, academic policies and regulations.

When requesting to meet with an advisor, specify what topics you wish to discuss to ensure that you are directed to the appropriate individual. (Set up appointments on this page)

  • Writing

All UC and UGST students may take advantage of the Urshan Writing Center to sharpen skills in research, writing, and reasoning skills. Services are available to all students regardless of classification or degree program. Students work one-on-one with a writing tutor, who assists them with thesis, development, formatting, organization, and grammar. (Set up appointments on this page. Also what info we need to know to help them with. This form could be used to give an idea of what is needed. ) This form should also be available for Faculty referrals.

  • Student Academic Support Officer

The SASO provides coaching and accountability to assist students with the planning and completion of your semester academic goals.

You may request a one-time appointment with the SASO in order to organize your semester or you may request weekly appointments. Through our SASO’s guidance you will gain a better understanding of your academic strengths and challenges and work towards establishing both immediate and long-term goals resulting in improved academic achievement. (Set up appointments on this page. We will also add a faculty referral form)

  • Library (Just link to the library here)