Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies


Communication permeates every level of human interaction, from personal conversation to corporate exchange. We all possess basic communication knowledge and ability, but skillful communication requires intentionality. As Apostolics, we are compelled to deliver messages in ways that edify others and glorify God. The Communication Studies degree explores the ever-changing landscape of communication in a diverse, modern world, while creating opportunities for students to learn and practice competent, effective, and ethical communication skills. This degree affords graduates the flexibility to pursue a variety of ministries, professions, and options for continued education.  Students will develop skills that include:

  • Ethically communicating in ways that edify others and glorify God
  • Articulating the conceptual framework of communication theory
  • Delivering high-quality communications appropriate for intended purposes and the targeted audiences
  • Employing cultural sensitivity as global citizens and Apostolic servant-leaders
  • Using analytical critical thinking to evaluate communication challenges
  • Conducting introductory communication studies research at the undergraduate level


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies will educate, equip, and empower the student for life and servant-leadership by aiding in:

  • Providing an historical overview of communication theories, principles, and research
  • Facilitating opportunities to cultivate skills in delivering quality communication across oral, visual, written, and digital media
  • Increasing awareness of cultural, social, and behavioral norms to encourage ethical practices characteristic of Apostolic servant-leaders
  • Cultivating the understanding of communication as a universal tool that is applicable to various contexts, audiences, and purposes
  • Promoting analytical thinking and critical listening as vital components of effective communication
  • Introducing qualitative and quantitative research methods consistent with field standards

Download the BA in Communication Studies Degree Completion Plan