Degree Programs

Certificate of Apostolic Studies


Urshan College recognizes that God has called and gifted individuals in widely diverse areas. No matter the educational or vocational goals a student chooses to pursue, a strong Apostolic foundation is crucial. This certificate program focuses on establishing Apostolic identity, developing a mindset of servant-leadership, and honing the call to Kingdom service, also including:

  • Articulate a foundational understanding of Apostolic theology
  • Apply the practical teaching of Scripture to daily life; and
  • Commit to pursuing God’s purpose through servant-leadership.

Program Objectives

The Certificate of Apostolic Studies will educate, equip, and empower the student for life and servant-leadership by aiding in:

  • Articulating an Apostolic identity grounded in Scriptural principles.
  • Demonstrating servant-leadership as the model for Apostolic life.
  • Developing the student’s call to Kingdom service through mentorship.

Required Courses (17 Credit Hours)

  • PRTH103 Apostolic Life and Servant Leadership
  • PHIL103 Hermeneutics of the Word and the World
  • SYTH101 Introduction to Pentecostal Theology
  • BIBL103 NT Literature
  • BIBL101OT Literature
  • HUMN101 Survey of the Arts in Christian Worship OR PRTH101 Spiritual Formation

Suggested Courses for On-Campus Students (14 Additional Credit Hours)

  • EDUC101 College Success OR PRTH105 Apostolic Calling 2
  • COMM102 Communication Skills
  • ENGL101 English Comp I
  • SOSC201 Marriage & Family OR LEAD101 Judeo-Christian Perspectives on Leadership
  • HIST 302 Modern Pentecostal Movements OR MISS301 Mission of the Church

Download the Apostolic Studies Certificate Completion Plan