Associate of Arts in General Studies


The General Studies program at Urshan College is designed to provide students a spiritual and academic environment in which to build a distinctly Apostolic foundation for their higher education goals. This degree program offers biblical and general education concepts and skills that students will use as they continue their education at another institution. These include:

  • Communicate effectively in written form
  • Communicate effectively in oral form
  • Demonstrate interdisciplinary competence
  • Demonstrate cultural competence
  • Demonstrate servant leadership; and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to further education.

Download the AA in General Studies Degree Completion Plan

Program Objectives

The Associate of Arts in General Studies will educate, equip, and empower the student for life and servant-leadership by aiding in:

  • Demonstrating a biblical worldview and analytical thinking skills.
  • Communicating effectively in written and oral forms.
  • Integrating biblical and general education concepts and skills to be a servant leader in personal, professional, and ministry settings.
  • Utilizing the fundamentals of general studies to continue their education.