Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Scripture teaches that God gave leaders to His church and gifts them for leadership.  This accentuates the importance of leaders and leadership.  Moses mentoring Joshua and Paul mentoring Timothy indicate that leadership skills and competencies must be cultivated and developed.  Scholarship supports the truth of these principles in the organizational environment.  The success of organizations in the diverse and changing world of the twenty-first century hinges on the development of leaders capable of leading teams in assessing and addressing the complex issues of a global marketplace.

The Organizational Leadership Program at Urshan College is designed to assist in fulfilling the need of supplying trained leaders dedicated to positively impacting their organization, community, and world.  The OL Program commits to offering students courses and experiences that formally and informally educate, equip, and empower them as servant leaders to contribute to the success and development of their organization, church, and community.

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The organizational leadership program will contribute to educating, equipping, and empowering the graduate for life and servant leadership by:

  • Developing the student’s appreciation of how trained leadership of human resources contributes to organizational success.
  • Analyzing the interrelationship between leadership and management and how they complement each other in organizational success.
  • Equipping the students to synthesize the components of values, mission, vision, strategic planning, ethics and diversity into a framework for organizational success.
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills and competencies applicable to organizational leadership.
  • Cultivating a commitment to personal development, relationship development, and the development of others within the organization for the furtherance of organizational development.