Designed for students that are unable to relocate, Urshan College’s online learning program places Apostolic education within your reach.

Whether you want to learn more about the Word of God, sharpen your leadership skills, or supplement your ministry experience, Urshan College Online makes it easy to encounter excellence in Apostolic education delivered in a method convenient for you.

Students who study with Urshan Online benefit from the same dedicated credentialed faculty, student services, and Apostolic environment as our on-campus students. Urshan College Online makes it possible for you to complete your college degree by accepting transfer credit from previous college courses and degree programs.

Many individuals have continued to enhance their ministry education through Purpose Institute. Urshan College values this ministry education and accepts most credits from your Purpose Institute training.

The Urshan College Online program exists for the purpose of:

  • Providing training and development for those called to leadership roles in a local church context.
  • Embracing the mandate for global mission by maximizing opportunities for a diverse community of learning.
  • Challenging faculty, staff and students to develop innovative methods appropriate to a 21st century context without sacrificing content.
  • Ensuring that Urshan College Online students’ needs are included in the development and provision of student services.
  • Expanding learning resource options in order to best meet the various Urshan College Online situations.

The 8-Week Model

Urshan College Online courses at Urshan College are designed specifically with you, the student in mind.  These 8-week long courses enables you to interact with the professor and the entire class by engaging in discussions, participating in projects and assignments.

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