Urshan College Online FAQ

Can I earn a degree from Urshan College through Urshan College Online?
Yes, we are offering programs for the Associates of Arts in General Studies, Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries. These are the same programs offered to our on-campus students but designed for adult learners.
Can I transfer other college credits to Urshan College?
Yes, the Academic Dean will review transcripts and credits. Applicable course which meet program objectives, will be transferred. It does not matter how long ago the credits were earned.
What do I need to do to get started?
Contact our Admissions Department and they will walk you through the admissions process. After admission and financial check-in, you may register for classes with the Urshan College Online Department.
How much does it cost to take courses online?
Tuition is $165 per credit hour plus a $50 technology fee per sub-term. Most courses are 3 credit hours. A full time student would take 4 courses per semester.
Is all tuition due at time of registration?
No, A deferred payment plan is available.
What is the difference between online and residential class formats?
Most online courses last seven weeks.  For online learners there are two sub-terms within the residential Urshan College semester.
I have taken several courses through Purpose Institute; will these courses count toward a program of study at Urshan College?
Yes, we have a formula that converts your Purpose Institute credits into Urshan College Credits.
Will I have to come on Campus to take any courses?
No, all courses are available online.
What are the technology requirements for online course work?
Please see our technology page for the most up-to-date technology requirements.
I have more questions, who do I contact for more information?
If you have questions about the admissions process please contact the admissions office. The admissions office can be reached by email at admissions@urshancollege.org or via phone at 314-838-8858 Ext. 2005.
I want to know more about how Urshan College Online works, who do I contact for more information?
If you have questions specifically regarding Urshan College Online please contact the Urshan College Online office. The Urshan College Online office can be reached by email at online@urshancollege.org or via phone at 314-838-8858 Ext. 3110.