Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry


In today’s church culture, music leaders are expected to possess a wide skill set that includes playing, singing, leading the creative arts, and engaging technology. This degree is suitable for students who have minimal previous music training upon entering the program. The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry degree prepares Apostolic men and women to serve the local church or a para-church organization with excellence in a broad range of worship-related skills. Students will develop skills that include:

  • Articulating an appropriate biblical philosophy of worship ministry
  • Developing a worship ministry plan that effectively assists discipleship
  • Developing  aural and visual music skills for comprehension and accuracy in performance
  • Working collaboratively with and leading others in worship ministry settings
  • Understanding diverse musical genres and styles
  • Applying research and writing skills to musical topics


The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry will contribute to educating, equipping, and empowering the graduate for life and servant-leadership by aiding in:

  • Articulating and adhering to a biblical philosophy of music ministry
  • Communicating sound Oneness Pentecostal theology and doctrine through music
  • Planning, leading, and assessing worship ministry for effective discipleship in the church and in the world
  • Ministering to a diverse audience by incorporating various worship styles

Download the BA in Worship Ministry Degree Completion Plan