Admissions COVID-19 FAQ

Fall 2020 Application Deadline Extended to July 1, 2020. Please note the financial aid and scholarship deadlines are still May 1, 2020.

In response to questions that have already been received, and in anticipation of more to come, we have compiled answers to the following frequently asked questions regarding UC admissions and financial aid during the COVID-19 pandemic:

What if I don’t have grades for my last semester in high school? What will you use to determine admission? If the high school has continued classes online (and will still finish all classes by the end of the semester), UC will make a provisional admissions decision based on GPA/work in progress. If a final transcript (with graduation date) is not received before the start of Fall 2020 UC classes, UC will rescind the acceptance of admission. If the high school has closed for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester, but is planning to resume classes in “summer school” format, UC will make the admissions decision on a case-by-case basis, based on when the high school would re-open. UC will still accept students whose school will not re-open/resume classes by August 1st, but will defer their enrollment to the Spring 2021 semester.

If my school is closed and I can’t get my transcript, can I still be admitted and attend in the fall? Yes. If we can get an electronic copy of your transcript (even an “unofficial” copy), UC will use that to make our decisions. Many high school counselors or records offices are still in operation virtually.

If I don’t have a high school class rank, will this affect my scholarships or admission? No, it will not. If the prospective student has been accepted, we can award any eligible scholarships for which he/she applies.

I can’t take the ACT/SAT. How will that affect my college admission and scholarships/financial aid? Applicants who do not have two of the three forms of academic record (high school transcript, over 30 hours of college credit, SAT/ACT score) can still be considered for acceptance but are required to submit a 200-word essay that states why they have not taken the SAT or ACT and what measures they will take to be academically successful at UC. This is not to be confused with the admissions essay. Should everything else in the application packet be “clear” and the applicant is accepted, the applicant will be placed on “provisional status,” which can be removed after the successful completion of one semester (see UC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy). If a student has not taken the SAT or ACT, they are not eligible for the SAT/ACT scholarship. However, there are many other scholarships for which he/she could still be eligible. Once the student is able to take the ACT/SAT and send in his/her scores, UC can award the SAT/ACT scholarship in the following term.

My GPA went down for my last semester. Will this affect my scholarships or admission? Scholarships and admission are based on a holistic evaluation of the entire admissions packet. A lowered GPA will not necessarily negatively impact scholarship or admission eligibility if other elements of the admissions packet meet or exceed requirements.

Is there still a requirement for freshmen to live on campus or will I need to make other arrangements? Yes, all freshmen are required to live on campus.

I don’t like or do well in online courses. Can I take in-person courses in the fall? If courses are moved online, how will technical courses be offered? Yes; UC anticipates offering all scheduled courses on-campus in the upcoming fall semester.

Will there be any changes to the requirements to receive transfer credit for AP or CLEP exams? No.

My last semester high school dual credit courses were online. Will they still count for college credit? Yes.

I was in college prep (AP, dual credit, or honors courses) my senior year before they were moved online, and we didn’t have in-person instruction. I’m not sure I am ready for college-level work now. What are my options, or what services will be available to help me? UC offers a College Success course, as well as several services (writing center, tutoring, etc.) in the Urshan Student Success Center that are aimed at helping students transition successfully to college-level work.

Will there be opportunities to take summer bridge courses/orientation in person? UC orientation is conducted online during the summer, and UC also has an on-campus orientation when individuals arrive in the fall. UC orientation is conducted online during the summer, and UC also has an on-campus orientation when individuals arrive in the fall.

Does your institution provide opportunities for early admission, or flexibility with receiving final high school grades and transcripts for admissions? UC operates on rolling admission; our admissions office reviews throughout the year. We are in discussion about extending the soft deadline for Fall 2020, but will announce a decision at a later time.

How is virtual/online high school education viewed in the admissions and financial aid processes? Is it considered equal to in-person instruction? As long as instruction has continued and students meet state requirements, UC considers virtual/online high school education to be equal to in-person instruction.

Will there be any changes to financial aid packages for the fall? The individual financial aid packages will be packaged like normal, as long as the cost of attendance does not change. Federal aid programs will operate the same as other semesters. The government will be awarding aid based on the students’ dependency and grade level.