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Thank you for your interest in pursuing an education with Urshan College! Urshan is passionately creating an Apostolic environment where academic achievement, career preparation, and ministerial experience converge. There is no greater time to be a part of Urshan College than right now! So many amazing, God inspired, things are happening here and we would love for you to be a part!

In the admissions section of our website you will find information a how to apply, scholarships/grants, financial planning, and so much more. Additional, you can find information about our programs and course offerings by visiting the academic portion of our website. Take some time to explore and take it all in!

We understand that entering into this new season of life can be overwhelming so, please understand that we are here not only here to help you understand what Urshan has to offer but, we are here to pray with you during this season! Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or concerns you may have. We hope to have the opportunity to get to know you, and join you in this new season of life, soon!

Admissions Philosophy

The mission of Urshan College is to educate, equip, and empower Apostolics for life and servant leadership in the church and in the world.We endeavor expand access and opportunity to Apostolic men and women of diverse backgrounds, interests and experiences.
Urshan College seeks to enroll qualified students who encompass a holistic set of characteristics including: leadership, servanthood, academic ability, and articulation of thought. Applicants are evaluated on the strength of their recommendations, extracurricular service, academic achievement, and the quality of their essay, with equal weight being given to each assessment.

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Urshan College’s welcoming 22-acre campus is situated in Florissant, a northern suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. The historic nature of the Urshan campus provides students with a distinct academic environment to pursue their education. With buildings dating back to the 1800s, the Urshan campus is an iconic landmark in the story of Christianity in the Midwest.

We would be honored to have you visit our beautiful campus and, experience all that Urshan College has to offer!

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Our Stories
Trey Keisling

Urshan College has played a vital role in the plan of God for my life. Every moment of my experiences at Urshan College has been a step forward on the course that God has chosen for me. This experience has included spirit-filled classes, powerful, life-changing services, and an atmosphere healthy for spiritual growth and development for my ministry.

Toni Hoffelder

I have received an incredible amount of opportunity to grow in my ministry and life, and in each of those I have received overwhelming support. I know these people believe in me.

Jonathan Hernandez

Before Urshan College, I was lost, confused, and had no direction. Coming to Urshan College has allowed me to develop a walk with God and grow in knowledge of His Word. I am grateful to be part of a community where I have been able to grow exponentially.