Application Checklist

Application Deadlines:
Fall- May 1
Spring- November 1

Urshan operates on rolling admission which means our admissions office reviews applications throughout the year. Should an applicant apply or still need to complete an application once the deadline has passed, the application could be considered if the following is met: There must be enough time for the application to be processed, reviewed, and the student enrolled should an applicant be accepted (an estimated 4-6 weeks before classes begin). This timeframe includes any breaks/holidays that Urshan observes. If the Admissions Committee does not feel that time permits/is adequate for all departments to complete this process, we reserve the right to roll your application over to the next semester.

  • Application for Admission
  • Personal Essay
  • High School Transcript* (Transcripts must include graduation date, cumulative GPA, and administrator’s signature)
  • College Transcripts*
  • AP/CLEP Transcripts* (If applicable)
  • ACT/SAT Transcripts*
  • TOEFL* (For international students only)
  • Pastoral Reference
  • Personal Reference
  • Scholastic Reference
  • Health History
  • Copy of Government Issued ID
  • Headshot Photo

*All transcripts must be official documents and mailed directly from the issuing institution. All other application materials are submitted electronically through the Application for Admission.