Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attending Urshan College


 Tuition  Per Credit Hour
Audit Per Credit Hour

Cost of Attendance Fees for On-campus Students (Per Semester)

Dorm Maintenance Fee (Required Yearly)
On-Campus Student Fee

This fee covers: Student Ministries, Student Activities, Student Technology Resources, Library Resources, Academic Advising, Writing Center, CLEP Testing Center, Tutoring, Counseling Services, Student Government, Disability Services, Campus Security, and Parking Services.

Room & Board*

*A $1,000 yearly deposit will be due on Room and Board two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Cost of Attendance Fees for Distance Learning Students (Per Semester)

Distance Learning Student Fee

This fee covers: Student Technology Resources, Library Resources, Academic Advising, Writing Center, Tutoring, Counseling Services, and Disability Services.


Additional Fees If Applicable

Application Fee
Late Application Fee
Deferred Payment Plan Fee
Late Payment Fee
Graduation Application Fee
Late Graduation Application Fee
Late Academic Registration Fee
Unreturned Key Fee
Initial Fob/Student ID Replacement Fee
Each Additional Fob/Student ID Replacement
Transcript Request Fee

Music Fees

Those students taking certain music courses must pay special fees to cover the cost of specialized instruction and equipment. These fees are nonrefundable after the cancellation period.

Fee Amount
Concert Choir Fee
$30.00 (Per Semester)
Choir Attire
up to $150.00
$100.00 (Per Semester, Chorale Members Only)
Group Music Lessons
$100.00 (Per Credit Hour)
Instrument Usage Fee
$20.00 (Per Semester)
Music Technology Fee
$25.00 (Per Semester)
Private Music Lessons
$215.00 (Per Credit Hour)


Students have a cancellation period of three business days from the first day of class during which they may cancel enrollment or admission agreements with a refund of all monies paid. Due to the College incurring upfront costs in association with certain educational activities, all fees are nonrefundable after this cancellation period unless otherwise specified.

The Estimated Yearly Cost of Attendance 

Full-time Tuition – $7,656
-On Campus $850
-Distance Learning $500
Books and Supplies – $2,100
Room and Board – $4,398-6,398
Transportation – $2,171
Total -$17,175-$19,175 On-Campus/ $12,427 Distance Learning

Urshan College offers a Deferred Payment Plan to make the cost of your education convenient and manageable.

Deferred Payment Plan

All tuition and fees are due on or before the first day of the term. Students who are unable to make full payment will be placed on a deferred payment plan. A $35 fee is assessed for this four-month payment option. A $75 late fee will be assessed if payment is not made within seven days from the payment due date. Students who are more than 30 days late in their payments will have a lock placed on their account and may be withdrawn from their classes.

Account Refunds:

Students may receive refunds of tuition only.  Fees are not subject to refund. To receive a refund, the student must complete the withdrawal form with the registrar. Tuition may be refunded according to the following tuition refund schedules:

Full Semester Courses
Time Of Withdrawal Refund Amount
First Day of Class to End of First Week 100% refund
Second Week 90% refund
Third Week 50% refund
Fourth Week to Eighth Week 20% refund
After Eighth Week No refund
Eight-Week Courses
Time Of Withdrawal Refund Amount
After class has met less than 13% of scheduled class hours 100% refund
After class has met 13% through 20% of scheduled class hours 90% refund
After class has met more than 20% but less than 33% of scheduled class hours 50% refund
After class has met 33% through 50% of scheduled class hours 20% refund
After class has met more than 50% of scheduled class hours No refund
The College reserves the right to change the fees stated or to establish additional fees at any time without prior written notice. When fee changes or additions are made, they become effective with the next payment date.