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I am a future Urshan:
November 10, 2016
Go Boldly Preview Weekend
Join us for three amazing days and experience the classes, community, and the powerful spiritual connection th …
September 12, 2016
The Deans’ Lecture Series: Embracing Particu …
As familiar and well-intentioned as a “colorblind” worldview may be, the common phrase, “I d …

Urshan Testimonies

Urshan College has allowed me to pursue my calling while providing a quality education.

Jordan Hudspeth

A student of Urshan College will be equipped to accomplish future goals, ministerial and professional based in the Apostolic doctrine. Lives lived with purpose are the most extraordinary lives in the entire world.

David S. Norris

Each month my wife and I are delighted to write a donor check to Urshan College. Our daughter is a student there now, but we want to be sure there's an Apostolic Christian College for our grandchildren someday too.

Scott Graham

Urshan College is a premier institution for the academic and spiritual growth of our leaders.

Darrell Johns