Internships and Placement


The mission of the Internship Department is to couple students with opportunities to be servant leaders in businesses and churches across the globe. By mediating between students, churches, businesses, and program directors, the Internship Department facilitates short-term and permanent positions for students to use their education to impact the world.


    • Assist Internship Placement
    • Assist post-graduation Job placement¬†
    • Mediate between students and internship opportunities
    • Connect interested graduating students and alumni with job placement opportunities.


(Below are the application forms to begin the internship process)


How to set up an internship?
You would contact the Director of Undergraduate Internships and they would work with you to set up an internship specific to your church or business. If you are a student, contact the Director of Undergraduate Internships to set up an introductory meeting.
What is an internship supervisor?
An internship supervisor is the on-site supervisor for each student intern.
What are the different kinds of internships?
There are two types of internships – academic and non-academic. An academic internship is an internship that a student receives credit toward their degree. A non-academic internship is where a student interns without receiving credit.
How long are internships?
Fall and spring semester internships run within 15 weeks and must be held within a 60-mile radius of the school. Summer internships vary from 8-12 weeks and can be done anywhere.