Ministerial Alliance

The Urshan Ministerial Alliance (UMA) is a student-led organization that partners with local churches in the Missouri District of the UPCI, as well as neighboring states, for ministry opportunities and evangelistic outreaches. The UMA enables students to put their education into practice through preaching, singing, leading worship, playing instruments, and teaching Sunday School.

Outreach Division

The Urshan Outreach Division (UOD) is a student-led ministry that seeks to serve communities within the St. Louis Metro. The UOD is actively involved in local high schools, community food banks, an orphanage, a battered girls’ home, a nursing home, homeless ministries, home Bible studies, block parties, and the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Performance Music Ministry


The Urshan College Choir is a vehicle for ministry and sharing the unique spirit and heart of Urshan with surrounding churches and our community. It is an experience that is open to all Urshan students. The choir is an environment of learning and ministry growth. Students will enjoy the chance to grow musically and work collaboratively, but will also be encouraged to personally examine their own worship ministry model.


The Urshan Chorale is a select musical group, chosen by audition, from the larger Urshan College Choir. Students who are involved in chorale are asked to not only demonstrate musical competency, but also excellence of character. The chorale travels throughout the year and also represents Urshan to church communities across the nation in an end-of-the-year tour. Chorale students enjoy opportunities to develop their leadership, minister to congregations and learn how to work with peers for a common purpose.


United is a select ensemble that represents Urshan College at churches and events across the nation. This group of talented singers and musicians are chosen from the chorale through a closed audition process.

Urshan College annually produces a recording featuring the Choir, Chorale, and United. These projects are a compilation of songs written by various gospel artists, as well as original music by members of the Urshan Community.