Bible Quizzing Intro to Pentecostal Theology

Beginning January, 2019, Urshan College will offer a distance learning version of our signature doctrine course, Introduction to Pentecostal Theology, specifically designed for Bible quizzers. This one-time course, taught by Rev. David Norris, Ph.D., will be offered at a reduced cost, and students may complete the work at their own pace.

Applications will be processed beginning January 4th. The first ten students who successfully complete the enrollment process for this course (see enrollment requirements below) will receive a $100 scholarship towards their course tuition.

What does this course cover?
Primarily, students will incorporate lectures with the verses they are learning for this year’s Unshakeable, Pentecostal DoctrineAdditional resources will be available to help students dig deeper into the Scripture, exploring doctrine.

Who will teach the course?
Professor David S. Norris is the primary professor and Megan Favorite will be acting as the course teaching assistant. In addition, guest lectures will also be offered by Rev. David K. Bernard Th.D., Rev. Stan Gleason, M.A.C.M., Rev. Jerry Jones, M.T.S., and others.

Who can be a part?
This pilot course is designed specifically for Bible quizzers. Quizzers who are in college or are juniors and seniors in high school are eligible.

What the course enrollment requirements?
Students are required to complete the online course application, pay a $25 application fee, and provide recommendations from a parent and their pastor. The entire application process can be completed online. 

What is the cost of tuition?
Students who take this course at Urshan College normally pay $540 for tuition and over $100 for registration and tech fees. This special course is being offered to Bible quizzers for $400; considerably less.  Additionally, students may receive $100 scholarships, as available.

How fast should a student progress through the course?
Ideally, students should plan to complete one or two lessons per week.

Are there additional costs for textbooks?
No. Each week, readings can be downloaded from the course site.

What textbooks will be used?
Primarily, the readings will be taken from books written by Rev. David S. Norris, Ph.D. and Rev. David K. Bernard, Th.D.

Are there tests?
After completing the lesson reading and video lecture, students will take a quiz over the lesson material. Two exams will be given during the course in addition to the oral final exam.

Are there papers?
Students will complete two 5-page papers.

Can students get help if they have questions?
Dr. David Norris, Ph.D. and Megan Favorite will answer questions and support students throughout the course. Special writing coaches will also be available to provide writing assistance for the two required papers.

For questions concerning course format and content, contact Megan Favorite at

For questions regarding the application process, contact Admissions at for details.

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