Bachelor of Arts in Human Services


We live in a hurting and fallen world. As Apostolics, we endeavor to lead individuals, families, and communities to wholeness. The Human Services degree provides students with a theoretical and practical framework for work in a wide array of faith-based and secular human service settings as well as graduate study in the social sciences.

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The Human Services Degree will help educate, equip, and empower the graduate for life and servant leadership by:

  • Providing an overview of the historical development of the human services professions and their relationship to the Apostolic call to servant leadership.
  • Establishing an understanding of the integration of psychology, sociology, and faith-based practices as a holistic strategy for human services.
  • Introducing research methodologies and skills commensurate with bachelor-level human services practice.
  • Cultivating skills appropriate to human services practice by providing integrative field experience.
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of cultures, social norms, and interpersonal communication in a multicultural context.
  • Developing professional attitudes, ethical behaviors, and interpersonal skills to effectively serve individuals, groups, and communities in applied human services settings.